Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bulk Party Candy and Fruit Snacks Discount

Bulk Party Candy and Fruit Snacks Discount

When you're planning party food or need a quantity of candy or snacks for any event, these discount deals can help you save on the cost. The banner below scrolls to show some current deals. Below the banner, I've shown fruit snacks, with ideas for occasions when you might need to have a quantity on hand.

Welch's Fruit Snacks, Mixed Fruit, Fat Free Snacks, (80-0.9oz. Pouches Per Box)

Price shown is for a box containing 80 pouches. The size of each pouch is .9 oz.

This can be great for a healthy snack for lunch boxes, party favors or times when you need a quantity of small gifts to give out, such as for Valentine's Day (enough for the whole classroom, for instance).

Wise Potato Chips - Honey BBQ Flavored 7.75oz 12 Pack

Another popular party food would be, of course, potato chips. Featured here is a bulk pack of Wise Honey BBQ chips.

The price shown is for a quantity of 12 bags that are 7.75 oz. each.

To see other flavors of Wise potato chips, click here

To see other brands of potato chips, click here

Wise Variety Pack - 50 ct.

Wise Variety Pack - 50 ct.

If you're looking for smaller bags in a variety of flavors instead, this variety pack includes:

All Natural Potato Chips - 10/1-oz. bags
Honey BBQ Potato Chips - 10/1-oz. bags
Buttered Popcorn - 10/.50 oz. bags
Crunchy Cheez Doodles - 10/1 oz. bags
Puffed Cheez Doodles - 10/.75 oz. bags

For more information on the Wise Variety Pack, click here


  1. great discounts on party will really help to maintain ma budget for my party thnx for sharing it...

    Great food deals

  2. Thanks for this article very helpful. thanks. bulk candy

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